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We do export pure natural dried white and black mulberries and organic foods since 1994.

Yaban Food is a reliable organic food supplier which has own organic agricultural projects about mulberry food manufacturing and organic sesame seeds with its partner companies. All Yaban food projects located in places where the soil is fertile, away from the city centers, small towns where people care about the sustainable living.

We believe, the economics of organic farming that a subfield of agricultural economics does not mean only paying the high value for the organic certified product compared the market place. We balance the revenue of farmers against the price decreases at the market apart from our profits.

We are the reliable supplier of organic dried mulberries and organic sesame seeds. We do supply raw organic foods or dried fruits and vegetables from our projects. If you want to buy mulberry fruit or sesame seeds online please send us an e-mail. Besides this we are also the supplier for the products obtained from reputable organic food projects in Turkey;


yabanfood dried food
Yaban Food do supply organic certified products from its own organic farms. Our own organic Certified farms are auditing every year.
yabanfood dried food

Dried Food Projects

We cultivate and supply organic products with our own organic projects which bring together organic producer farmers. We established all of our projects, in which are far from the city centers, on the fertile soils and in the small towns where their people concern sustainable life.

golden sesame
dried food and nuts

Quality Control

Physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the raw materials which are obtained from our farmers, has done by our own laboratory and by the 3rd party laboratories. Conformance of the products in regard to international standarts and quality systems are checked by our experienced QC Team.

dried mulberries
dried fruits and nuts

Hand Sorting

Which is done by workers to be sorted in respect of damaged, mouldy, mechanically damaged, seedy berries and also stones and sands, all foreign materials. The dried fruits involved in the manual inspection by the workers on the vibrating sorting table.

yabanfood dried food

Organic Certified Products

Yaban Food do supply its own products from its own organic food production facility which is certified by BRC with AA Grade, all the products are producing under the NOP/USDA, EU and COR standarts.

yabanfood dried fruits and nuts
yabanfood dried food and nuts

Export Markets of Yaban Food

We have over 50 regular customers such as health stores, wholesalers, importers, chocolate manufacturers in the United States, Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Italy and Holland. We do deliver even 1 pallet per products or mixed container.

yabanfood dried food

The Yabanfood Timeline


Organic Agriculture Projects

Yabanfood has started own organic agricultural projects. This created an income revolution in the region.


Organic Certified

Yabanfood has obtained an organic certificate and has set an organic certification standard for its products.


Organic Food

Yabanfood started to produce, process and packaging in its own factory which is located in Free Zone.


Organic Retail

Yabanfood has began to relase and distribute its own retail brands online as Doganin Meyveleri.

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Regarding inquiries and meeting requests, you can send an email or contact any member of Yabanfood team.

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If you require any information regarding our organic projects and dried food send us a message. We will be back as soon as possible.