Dried Figs Export Figures

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Export of 27 thousand tons of dried fig in two months

Turkey’s production and exports from 10 October to 9 December as the world leader in this period is 27 thousand tons and export revenue is 122 million dollars.

Germany, France, Italy and the United States increased by 8 percent over the same period of the year.

Birol Celep, head of the Aegean Dry Fruit Exporters Union, said that AA correspondent, half of the annual figure of 60 thousand tons of dried figs was made in 2 months period.

Celep said that although the dried fig production units were declining this year, the higher the prices, the higher the income obtained.

Celep explains that dried figs can be consumed for 12 months of the year, “Especially in the beginning of the year there is an increase in demand.” In Europe, the elderly population, especially related to tradition looks for the figs. We can store this product in colder air stores and ship it at 12 months of the year. “