Raisins Prices

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Yabanfood is the supplier, wholesaler and importer of variety of Dried Raisins including Thompson Raisins, Sultana Raisins and Golden Raisins.

The prices of Raisins are Tend to Increase in Turkish Market

In Manisa, Turkey, in which production of raisins around 90%, raisins prices tend to increase just after the response buying of TMO by 4.00 TL/kg on September. Raisins prices are around 4.50 TL/kg in the internal market.
Mr. Ahmet Esref FAKIBABA – Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry, stated that, raisins prices will not be under 4.00 TL/kg for this season. This statement has become a guarantee for the producer and relieved the farmers who are not tend to sell their products.
Raisins prices has increased to 4.50/kg on Commodity Exchange Market and the prices are apt to increase.