Golden Sesame Project

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golden sesame seeds


Golden Sesame Project

Yabanfood aimed to bring together manufacturers and consumers with local golden sesame of Turkey – which is on the point of exhausting – on our project that we created in 2017 to conserve qualified and unique flavored Golden Sesame. Although Asian and African sesames are organic, they have extremely low quality compare to Turkish sesame seeds with unique flavor and involved high calcium percentage; it will continue to be requested product all around the world with the help of our project.

All around the world, there are many different types of sesame seeds such as brown sesame seeds, black and white sesame seeds which is obtained from different sesame plants. However Golden Sesame Seeds are more nutritious and flavoured than the other types of sesame seeds.

Yaban Food supplies Golden Sesame Seeds in bulk basis to;
Small Shops on national basis
Wholesalers on national basis
Importers bulk basis even 1 pallet partial loads
Distributors on international basis

If you are in need our unique Golden Sesame Seeds, Yaban Food is ready to supply to 7 different continents in the world. Please contact us for further questions.