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‘Malatya Apricots’ in the World Markets

Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s application to the European Union (EU) has been finalized. Our third product was registered in the EU after “Antep baklava / Gaziantep baklava” and “Aydin figs” as the “Malatya apricot” geographical indication (origin name).

With the registration published in the Official Journal of the EU, Malatya apricots are being protected in the EU against all kinds of abuse, imitation and recall. Only the apricots produced within the borders of Malatya province may be sold as Malatya apricots.

Geographical sign (proof of origin) protects products against competition and gives confidence to consumers. 

11 percent of the world’s produced apricot is produced in Malatya, but the share of dried apricots produced in Malatya in the world market is around 70 percent. 

Malatya has 8 million apricot trees and 300-400 thousand tons of fresh apricots per year. According to the season, 100 thousand tons of dried apricots are obtained from the fresh apricots. Malatya is at the center of dried apricot production. 

90 thousand tonnes of total dried apricot production, estimated at 100 thousand tons this year, will take place in Malatya. 

Last year 84 thousand 500 tons of dried apricots were produced. 79 thousand tons of dried apricots were exported.

We provided $ 290 million revenur in dried apricot exports. 

It is expected that exports in the coming period will be between 90-100 thousand tons in quantity and export income will be 400 million dollars. We export dried apricots to 102 countries. 

We do most of the dried apricot exports to the USA.

We exported $ 30 million last year and $ 60 million last year. France ranks second with $ 31 million in exports. Germany ranks third with $ 27 million in exports.