Strong demand for mulberries because of

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Strong demand for mulberries because of a changing perception of health in Europe

A changing understanding among consumers of what it means to be healthy is driving consumption of mulberries. European consumers use health products to prevent diseases and to feel good, for example by adding supplements to their regular diet.

This is translated into a growing market for food supplements. The European food supplements market is expected to grow by 9.5% from 2015 to 2020.

More specifically, there is a growing demand for food supplements that support the immune system. European consumers link the immune system to preventive health. This opens up opportunities for mulberry supplements. The use of mulberries for these health issues is supported by their antioxidant properties and content of vitamins and minerals.

Food supplements aimed at general health support are also often related to maintaining a robust immune system. In Western Europe, these have a particularly high market share in:

  • Germany (20%)

  • United Kingdom (14%)

  • Italy (12%)