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Organic Mulberry Project

Dried Mulberries are grown in Turkey naturally. There are around 7 million trees of dried mulberries naturally grown without any agricultural methods used.

We do supply dried mulberries as White Mulberries, Brown Mulberries and Dried Black Mulberries. Yaban is the only Turkish dried mulberry supplier which owns organic fruit projects in Turkey.  

We conduced to be known of dried mulberries all around the world and take place at grocery shelves. On the other hand we set an example to Turkish Farmers by creating great income revolution with our project. Increasing of purchasing prices 16 times compare to the first year that we started, encouraged our farmers for natural and pure production. Yaban supplies Sun Dried Mulberries in bulk basis to;

Small Shops on national basis
Wholesalers on national basis
Importers bulk basis even 1 pallet partial loads
Distributors on international basis

Mulberry is very high in Vitamin C and resveratrol. It is collected by our farmers and dried under the clothes in 2 days of time. We are the only producer left that supplies raw mulberries it is purelly not commercial.

We completely prevent the usage of chemicals at the region by the joint study with the municipality and our farmers. We are proud to have zero residue of pesticide by the time of the establishment of our project. We achieved to create a special brand of Adiyaman Tut Mulberries  known with its taste and purity in the world with the help of our activities. 

  • Culture

    Black & White Mulberries

  • the number of hectares

    3 500

  • collected tons

    33 836

  • Amount of workers


  • Number of equipment



Yabanfood is the only Turkish dried mulberry supplier which owns organic fruit projects in Turkey.

Dried Mulberries Recipes / How To Use

You can enjoy dried mulberries straight from the pack as a snack or you can mix it with nuts. With its high sweet flavor dried mulberry will create a super sweet flavor for your trail mixes. If you are dieabetic mulberries are very good food alternative for sugar. It has got a very low glisemic load. You can enjoy them in yoghurt, smoothies or cakes too.

Where to Buy Organic Sun Dried Turkish Mulberries?

If you are asking where to buy dried white mulberries Yaban Food is the biggest supplier of them we do even deliver 1 pallet load to 7 different Continents in the world. Our partner companies will also help you about your retail level needs. Please contact us for further questions of you.

black mulberries

Dried Mulberries Nutrition Facts

The Carb level of dried mulberries reduces when it is dried almost 10 percent. This is something very unusual for the dried fruits. Dried Mulberries contains 14 percent Fiber and almost 2 percent protein. This is something very important for people on a vegan diet. 

It has only 5 in thousand fat level which makes the berries can be consumed as much as you can.


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