Turkey produces 70 percent of world’s dried apricot supply

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90 percent of the production of dried apricots in Turkey and 70 percent of the total production in the world takes place in the Turkish province of Malatya.

About one hundred exporters deliver dried apricots to various countries in the world and therefore, the province is becoming more famous around the world as well. The highest number of exports from Malatya was made to the U.S., followed by Germany, France, the Russian Federation and the U.K. and 64 different countries in total.

Malatya exported the highest amount of dried apricots to the U.S. Throughout Turkey, however, Germany imported the highest number of dried apricots from Turkey. The dried apricots produced in Turkey is being exported to various different countries including Brazil, Australia, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Norway, Singapore, North Korea, Peru and New Zealand.