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Response buying of Turkish Raisins by TMO.

Response buying of Turkish Raisins by TMO

On the seedless raisins which Turkey is the world leader in the production and exports; response buying in order to prevent the decreasing of the prices because of the high crop, make relieved the sector.
Mr. İsmail Kemaloğlu, the General Manager of the Soil Products Office of Turkey (in Turkish TMO) has reported that, TMO has started to studies after the instruction of Mr. Ahmet Esref (the MINISTER OF FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK in Republic of Turkey) as the base price of seedless raisins determined 4 TL and buying instruction by TMO.
Mr. Ali Rıza Turker, the General Manager of the Taris Raisins Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union has reported that they were asking for the base price implementation and response buying on the seedless raisins for many years.
The General Manager of the Aegean Dried Fruits Exporter’s Union, Mr. Birol Celep said that ‘Today, the prices of the raisins at the USA, California are around $2700-$2800/ton, despite the Turkish raisins’ prices around $500/ton and this is totally unacceptable, while our quality, stocking and reliability are better. After the intervention of the Ministry, the export prices will catch $2000/ton in time.’