Turkish Sultana Raisins Export Increased 30%

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Turkey’s seedless raisins producers are happy that the export is reached the highest of the last 9 season besides 30% price increase in the basis of USD.
Last year, 310 thousand tons of raisins produced. However, within this year due to bad weather conditions decreasing of raisins supply quantity and controlled supply to the market caused price increase.

Turkey in raisins export according to general figures September 1, 2017 was opened and the season closed on 31 August 2018, the amount was made 279 thousand 342 tons of exports breaking the record for the last 9 years the base was income of 453 million dollars.

With this figure, approximately 90 percent of the 310 thousand tonnes of the last year was exported to 110 countries. Approximately $ 118 million worth of exports, which corresponds to about a quarter of the exports sent to England. Germany and the Netherlands were the other emerging markets.

In the 2008-2009 season, the record was 282 thousand tons of seedless raisins.