Black Cumin Seeds

It is hard to believe that a food as small as black cumin seeds can be a nutritional powerhouse to boost immune system function. Traditionally used to flavour baked goods such as bread, black seeds are now increasingly consumed for their health benefits, and black cumin seed oil is even added to morning drinks to jumpstart the immune system.

  • Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds
  • Nigella sativa seeds, also called black cumin seeds or simply black seeds, come from a plant which belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and which is grown in Turkey. The benefits of these seeds are attributable to their protein, alkaloids, saponins and thymoquinone content. Black seeds are also a source of vitamins B1, B2 and B3.
  • A number of studies have shown that the Nigella sativa’s antioxidant properties may be used to prevent aging and cell breakdown. Organic black seeds may also be used to reduce the effects of diabetes and its complications. More human subject research and clinical trials are needed, however, before Nigella sativa and, specifically, the phytochemical thymoquinone present in its oil, can be heralded as cures.
  • In recent years, the food and cosmetic industries added black seeds to their medicinal and aromatic plant product lines. This has led to a yearly increase in local production for the supply of the raw material.
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • Black seed oil can be extracted by squeezing black seeds through a cold-pressing method, in which case the quantity of oil obtained corresponds to 29% of the quantity of seeds used. Producing the oil through cold-pressing is important to preserve its nutritional content.
  • Organic Black Cumin Seed Harvest
  • Our organic black seeds are harvested in Turkey and are certified 100% organic in compliance with NOP and EC standards. No chemicals, fertilizers or insecticides are used in their cultivation. The plants flower in the spring and are harvested in the summer, when the seed capsules reach a length of 18mm. The capsules are then dried in sacks for a period of 20 days in order for the seeds to be released, and by August the crop is ready for transport.
  • Organic black seeds were traditionally used for baking but they can also be used in dishes, breakfasts, dips, soups and creams. They can also be combined with honey and yogurt. Black cumin seed oil may be used as a cosmetic product and applied topically to the skin.

● Sweet Black Cumin Seeds
● Bitter Black Cumin Seeds
● Sweet Black Cumin Seed Oil
● Bitter Black Cumin Seed Oil

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Did You Know?

Black seeds are unique in that little was known about them before the Prophet Muhammad popularized their use. Although more than 400 medicinal herbs were used before the time of the Prophet Muhammad as recorded in the writings of Galen and Hippocrates, black seeds did not feature among the popular remedies.

Due to Islam’s contribution to the spread of knowledge about the virtues of black seeds, they are widely known as a “remedy of the Prophet”. Indeed, the plant’s popularity as herbal medicine is largely based on the teachings of the Prophet.



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