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    Producing organic agricultural products with love since 1994.
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    Applying transparent methods with farmers based on ecological, economic and social principles.
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    A concerted focus on ecology, quality and economics - not simply profit.

Dried Mulberries

Dried mulberries are Turkey’s superfruit, and we are the world’s leading supplier.

Turkish Sesame Seeds

We supply organic golden sesame seeds from our own organic project since 1998.

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are just as good for your health as fresh apricots.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

We supply organic Turkish sun dried tomatoes whole, in halves, and diced.

Apricot Kernels

We provide both sweet and bitter apricot kernels from Turkey.

Dried Figs

Of all the countries in the world, Turkey is the leader in the production of dried figs.

Black Cumin Seeds

Traditionally used to flavor baked goods, black cumin seeds are now increasingly consumed for their health benefits.

Thompson & Sultana

Sultana and Thompson raisins are both produced from the Vitis vinifera grape vine but they differ in the way they are dried.

Golden Sesame Tahini

Made from golden sesame seeds, our tahini is a unique Turkish product free from any chemical additives.

Organic Dried Fruits Supplier Yaban food

  • From the moment we launched our projects, we sought to produce the best organic dried fruits, nuts and other products and to be the best dried fruits supplier in Turkey by collaborating reliably with our farmers and customers. Our philosophy is to protect the heirloom seeds of dry fruits in Turkey and the environment by engaging sustainably with our farmers and dried fruit suppliers.

  • Yabanfood is a family-owned company born from a tradition of dried fruit wholesale spanning 3 generations and dating back to the 1940s. Being a family-owned company allowed us to hold on to our values and to make quick decisions for our partners.

  • Today we offer our partners, customers and distributors in the USA, Europe and the Netherlands the best products, the best service and the best quality, with clear market information and fair prices for our suppliers and customers.

  • We believe that by cultivating and producing organic dried fruits and nuts we achieve the twin goals of protecting and improving cultivation, seeds and saplings and of attaining the highest quality in our final product.

  • In manufacturing organic dried fruits, we strive to protect the soil, water and air and to safeguard the crops from disease as our foremost aims. Our farmers play an indispensable role in achieving those aims, and to encourage and support them, we always seek to offer the best value for their products, even when dried fruit prices in Turkey prevent us from doing so.

  • We believe that Yabanfood is one of the most efficient, honest and well-organized dried fruits supplier in Turkey with an experienced team and suppliers. We work with organic dried fruit wholesalers, small retailers that sell on Amazon, and distributors that sell on Costco.

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Latest News

Fig Crop Update

The total crop expectation for this year is 70 to 75 thousand tons. The 2019 crop was 85 thousand tons. About 11 .....

Dried Figs Report

We expect a crop of 90 thousand tons of dried figs this season thanks to good weather conditions...

Dried Apricot Report

The quality of the new crop of apricots is better than expected in Malatya, where 85% of the world’s dried apricot...

The Effect of Frost

According to official statements, the agricultural frost that occurred in Malatya between the 23rd and 25th of March ....

Dried Apricots Update

The city of Malatya is home to about 8 million apricot trees and makes Turkey one of the leading exporters of dried apricots...

Turkish Seedless Raisins

Turkey concluded the 2017/18 season for seedless raisin production with 279 343 tons in exports and a revenue of 452...

Dried Fruits

Mulberries and apricots grow in the same southeastern region of Turkey. The first week of April saw no major frost in...

The Apricot Yield

Close to 75% of apricot blooms have now opened. The weather over the next two weeks will be crucial in determining..

Sultana and Raisins

Our company offers both Sultana and Thompson raisins. Sultana and Thompson raisins are both dried seedless..

Organic Mulberry Project

For us, dried mulberries are not about commodities and consumers – they are about family, ancestral traditions and an enduring relationship with the land. We began our organic mulberry project in 1994 with the native mulberry trees of southeastern Turkey.

Our project flourished through the labor and sweat of generations of farmers whom we watched grow and fade, and with whom we work to this day. When the world caught on and our organic dried mulberries became prized items, large industry actors sought to purchase the project from us with alluring offers, but we refused. We knew that the unmatched quality of our mulberries was inseparable from the knowledge, experience and relationships that our team and our farmers have fostered over time.

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