We produce organic Turkish hazelnuts under the Turkish Food Codex and EU Food Production Standards. We supply hazelnuts to small shops as well as wholesalers in Turkey and importers throughout the world.

  • Hazelnuts are small, hard-shelled fruits as well as seeds. Not only are they rich in calories, they are also a source of nutrients and energy. Of particular importance is their saturated and monounsaturated fat content, meaning they are rich in fat. When consumed raw, hazelnuts offer more benefits since more than 15% of their fat content is lost during the process of roasting.
  • Unroasted hazelnuts contain twice as many antioxidants as roasted hazelnuts. They can be added to foods either in their raw or roasted form. They can also be consumed as snacks, with their oily content removed. Hazelnut oil is used in cooking and cosmetics. With their Omega 3 fatty acids, arginine, fibers, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and B6, amino acids and folic acids, hazelnuts are used in the treatment of a wide range of disorders.
  • Hazelnuts’ crunchy texture and flavour are pleasant in nut and trail mixes. The taste makes them perfect for chocolate recipes. They are thus used in bakery as well as biscuit, chocolate and ice cream production.
  • If you are in need of organic raw hazelnuts in bulk, but you don’t know where to buy them, look no further than our company. We are ready to deliver Turkish organic hazelnuts in bulk.
Size Chart

● 9 - 11 mm
● 11 - 13 mm
● 13 - 15 mm
● 15+

Available As

● Whole
● Pieces
● Flour
● Oil
● Paste


● NOP Organic
● EU / EC Organic
● COR Organic
● Kosher
● Halal

Did you know?

Turkey is the first world hazelnut producer and exporter in history. In addition, it covers approximately 70 percent and 82 percent of the world`s production and export respectively. It is followed by Italy with nearly 20 percent in production and 15 percent in export.