Sultana Raisins

Beloved companions of hikers and bakers, our organic sultana raisins are like pocket-sized honey bites.

  • Sultana raisins are dried seedless grapes. Our raisins come from grapes that grow in the Aegean region of Turkey, which is prized for the quality of its vines. They are cultivated in small village vineyards that have been giving their fruit for at least 25 years. Our farmers harvest the grapes by hand in the summer. They are then laid on clean cloth and left to dry in the sun. To obtain 1 kilogram of raisins, about 4 kilograms of fresh grapes must be dried.
  • We offer both sultana and thompson raisins. sultana and thompson raisins are both dried seedless grapes that come from the grape variety Vitis vinifera. They simply differ in the way they are treated. Sultanas are treated with a vegetable oil and potassium carbonate solution prior to drying, while Thompson raisins are simply left to dry in the sun. Treating the raisins with oil helps prevent the raisins from sticking together. While Sultanas require about 10 days to dry and have a light yellow color, Thompson raisins need an average of 20 days to dry and have a dark color.
  • Benefits of Sultana Raisins
  • Raisins are a good source of the essential minerals iron and potassium. Iron is needed for the body to make hemoglobin, the protein that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body’s working cells. Iron deficiency may therefore lead to an inadequate supply of oxygen and to symptoms such as fatigue. Raisins are also rich in potassium, which is crucial for several functions in the body such as muscle and nerve function. Potassium is particularly important to maintain regular heart contractions.
  • Raisins are also a source of fiber and tartaric acid, a combination which favors intestinal health. Research on fiber and tartaric acid suggests that they enable food to move more smoothly in the digestive tract and improve digestive regularity. By helping to preserve a healthy gut flora and cleansing the colon, fiber and tartaric acid can help prevent colon cancer.
  • How to Use Sultana Raisins
  • Raisins have a sweet, honey-like flavor and a pleasant, chewy texture. They can be enjoyed as a snack but since they are high in sugar, it is recommended to mix them with other ingredients in order to avoid the temptation to overeat them.
  • Raisins are commonly mixed with nuts to bring moisture and sweetness to trail mixes, or with morning cereal and yogurt to brighten breakfast with a sweet touch. They can also be sprinkled on salads or added to shakes.
  • Raisins have long been used in baked goods and are a nutritious way to replace table sugar with a naturally occurring and fiber-rich sweetness. They can enhance recipes for treats such as cookies or sweet breads. Nothing quite spells Christmas like a raisin-filled cake.

● Thompson Seedless Raisins
● Sultana Seedless Raisins
● Black Raisins with Seeds

Available as

● Whole
● Paste
● Industrial


● NOP Organic
● EU / EC Organic
● COR Organic
● Kosher
● Halal

Did You Know?

Raisins are a signature product of Turkey. The term “sultana” in “Sultana raisins” hearkens back to “sultan”, the ancient ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Even today, Turkey is the world’s leading exporter of raisins, accounting for 40% of worldwide exports.

Most of Turkey’s raisins are sold to the European Union, with the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands being the top buyers.



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