Organic management must be adapted to local conditions, ecology, culture and scale in order to maintain and improve environmental quality and conserve resources.



Those involved in organic agriculture should nurture human relationships in a manner that ensures fairness at all levels and to all parties - farmers, workers, processors, and distributors.



Practical experience, accumulated wisdom and traditional and indigenous knowledge offer effective, time-tested solutions.

Certifications & Principles

  • Certifications

    Yabanfood is certified organic in compliance with the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), Canada’s Organic Regime (COR) and the standards of the European Union (EU).

  • Principles

    Our guiding principle is sustainability - for all parties involved. In other words, for us, sustainability means not only preserving the soil, air and water for future generations, but ensuring that organic farming is a sustainable means for our farmers to earn a living.

  • For organic agriculture to spread and last, we believe it must be an attractive option for farmers to engage in. This is why we support farmers in their effort to obtain the best value for their hard work, even if it means selling their produce to third parties. Viable organic projects and livelihoods are our priority and our lasting contribution.

Quality Control

  • Our vision for quality control is to seek long-term excellence. Our aim is both to harness our farmers’ ancestral knowledge and to collect and disseminate knowledge based on recent experience. .

  • Organic agriculture is beset with many challenges that can range from controlling pests or weeds to preventing disease or contact with conventional crops

  • We support farmers in meeting those challenges by focusing not on finding flaws in their practices and products, but on helping them surpass themselves. We are not afraid to invest big, in both money and time, even with no short-term benefits, to foster education and good practices and help our farmers grow the best quality crops.

Religious Dietary Certifications

  • At Yabanfood, we are sensitive to the dietary rules followed by different faith communities and all the products we offer are suitable for approval by kosher and halal dietary authorities.

  • We steer clear of products likely to raise concerns or doubts, whether it be meat, dairy, alcohol, oils or any other substance.

  • In addition, if the products we offer require processing of any kind, we rely solely on kosher and halal-certified facilities to do the work. We value being able to provide foods that can be enjoyed by all faith communities and to guarantee peace of mind to our customers.